Introducing the DataScience Cloud

Ian Swanson | 09.16.16

DataScience announces the DataScience Cloud, a unified data science platform designed to put data federation, exploration, analysis, predictive modeling, and...
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Catch Us at International Data Week in Denver

Brittany-Marie Swanson | 09.13.16

DataScience's Dave Goodsmith will be stopping by Data Hackathons: Lessons Learned & Best Practices, a workshop at the first ever International Data Week in...
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Should Iron Workers Learn to Deal Blackjack?

Dave Goodsmith | 09.04.16

As seen in the LA Times, details of our introductory analysis of 2016 California wage limits using pandas and python to explore open data.
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Elite DS12 Program Concludes in Capstone Event

DataScience Staff | 08.30.16

DataScience, Inc.,today announced a new capstone event to mark the culmination of its inaugural DS12 data science education residency program.
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DataScience Ranks Among the Best LA Employers

DataScience Staff | 08.26.16

For the second year in a row, DataScience placed in the top 10 best companies to work for in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Business Journal.
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Can Twitter Predict the Next Bachelor?

Savannah Burchfiel | 08.11.16

Rumors say that ABC will announce the 2017 bachelor after Bachelor in Paradise, but a quick look at Twitter reveals more than ABC is willing to announce.
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The Data Science of Folding Paper

DataScience Staff | 08.08.16

Students learning data science through the DS12 program practiced their Scala skills by participating in the International Conference on Functional Programming’s...
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DS12 Guest Lecture Series: MLeap and the...

Robin Soto | 07.26.16

DataScience and Lambda LA hosted guest lecturers Hollin Wilkins (DS12 mentor) and Mikhail Semeniuk of CombustML as they presented MLeap and the Combust...
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A Data-Driven Perspective of The Bachelorette:...

Savannah Burchfiel | 07.25.16

If the Bachelorette’s producers had a complete data science team monitoring engaged viewers would they infer that viewers respond to Alex, Jordan, and James?
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Who is Dominating Pokémon GO at Comic-Con...

Dave Goodsmith | 07.22.16

pokemon go surrounding comic-con are mostly team mystic. Interactive data visualization shows location and strength of the Poke Gyms as of noon on Friday 7/22.
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Increasing Satisfaction for Belkin's WeMo Users

Gartner ITxpo Symposium 2016