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Swetha ValluriApril 23, 2018

4 Questions to Ask Before Scaling Data Science

Catalina Marketing Senior Director of Strategic Retail Consulting Analytics Swetha Valluri presents the four important questions to answer before you start the difficult task of scaling data science.

Vaibhav PuranikApril 19, 2018

4 Ways Deep Learning Enhances Marketing in a Visually Driven World

Vaibhav Puranik, GumGum VP of Engineering, Big Data & Platform, presents four ways deep learning is positively impacting marketing in an increasingly visually-driven world.

Jennifer PrendkiApril 16, 2018

Growing a Data Function in a Data-Immature Environment

Instigating a new culture of data is a tedious task not for the faint of heart. Jennifer Prendki, chief data scientist at Atlassian, shares how to establish a successful data function at an immature...

Michael LiApril 12, 2018

Skills That LinkedIn Looks for in a Data Scientist Candidate

LinkedIn Head of Analytics & Data Science Michael Li shares what skills the Analytics team looks for when hiring new talent.

Abhishek SinghApril 9, 2018

How Instapage Built a Data Team from Scratch

Abhishek Singh, business intelligence manager at Instapage, shares the four steps his team took in building their data team from scratch.

Sowmya VivekApril 6, 2018

Using Linear Discriminant Analysis to Predict Customer Churn

Predicting whether a customer will stop using your product or service is an important component of customer behavior analytics called churn prediction. Learn how to identify the factors contribute...

Tirthajyoti SarkarApril 2, 2018

7 Effective Methods for Fitting a Linear Model in Python

In the case of multiple available options, how do you choose the most effective method? Author Tirthajyoti Sarkar discusses 7 fast and clean methods.

Venkatesh Pappakrishnan, Ph.D.March 29, 2018

How to Write Production-Level Code for Data Science Projects

The ability to write production-level code is one of most sought-after skills a data scientist can have. Ensure your code runs in a production environment with these seven steps for organizing,...

Lucy C. Erickson, Natalie Evans Harris, and Meredith M. LeeMarch 26, 2018

It’s Time to Talk About Data Ethics 

Members of Bloomberg's Data for Good Exchange, Lucy C. Erickson, Natalie Evans Harris, and Meredith M. Lee, share their take on the conversations around data ethics and why responsible data sharing...

Nikki CastleMarch 22, 2018

Are Your Models Underperforming Post-Deployment?

Predictive models are at the center of data-informed decision-making strategies for successful enterprise companies today, but sometimes their performance doesn’t meet expectations. An effective...