Are Your Data Scientists Self-Sufficient?

Jacqueline Berkman | 10.19.17

Learn how data science platforms give data scientists the tools they need to be self-sufficient.
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Quality Data Improves Analysis

Daniel Kronovet | 10.17.17

Foursquare Data Scientist Daniel Kronovet discusses why quality data leads to better data analysis.
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Brittany-Marie Swanson | 10.16.17

Amazon Web Services is providing datasets and resources for and the NSF's Regional Big Data Innovation Hubs' Transportation Data Challenge.
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3 IT Best Practices For Managing Data Science...

Brittany-Marie Swanson | 10.10.17

Is your IT team using Docker containers to deploy data science models or environments? Here are three best practices for keeping workflows running smoothly.
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Using Data Science to Guide Drug Development...

Joe Liang | 10.09.17

Joe Liang, synthetic biologist and data scientist, discusses how data science can help determine the correlation between genetic patterns and disease.
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5 Ways To Support Diversity in Data Science

Meredith M. Lee | 10.04.17

Writing from the 2017 Grace Hopper Celebration, West Big Data Innovation Hub Executive Director Meredith Lee shares 5 ways to support diversity in data science.
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PowerPoint Doesn't Meet Data Science Needs

Michael Clark | 10.02.17

Mike Clark, director of data operations at simplehuman, shares his tips for presenting the results of data science work effectively.
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Q&A: How to Use DevOps for Data Science

Brittany-Marie Swanson | 09.29.17

Amgen’s Pam McCaslin explains how DevOps can speed up data science model deployment.
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Stay Ahead of the Digital Transformation Curve

Jacqueline Berkman | 09.27.17

An overview of our latest white paper, Data Science Platforms: Helping IT Drive Digital Transformation.
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Using R to Analyze Food Blogs

Burak Himmetoglu | 09.25.17

Data Scientist Burak Himmetoglu demonstrates how to obtain, clean, and visualize data from the web using R to gain insight into the world of food blogs.
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