Forrester: Companies Using Data Science...

DataScience Staff | 01.17.17

A new study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by DataScience reveals that data science platforms are a key competitive differentiator for...
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How the DataScience Women's Group Gave Back...

Nikki Castle | 01.12.17

The Women of DataScience coalition was created in November 2016 and held a kickoff volunteering event the following month at Baby2Baby in Santa Monica.
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Introduction to Forecasting with ARIMA in R

Ruslana Dalinina | 01.10.17

Data Scientist Ruslana Dalinina explains how to forecast demand with ARIMA in R. Learn how to fit, evaluate, and iterate an ARIMA model with this tutorial.
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Creating Data Visualizations in Matplotlib

Tuck Ngun | 01.03.17

Dr. Tuck Ngun provides an in-depth introduction to creating data visualizations in matploblib, a plotting library in Python. Learn how to create scatter plots,...
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Navigating the Pitfalls of Model Deployment

Jake Rifkin | 12.15.16

Migrating a model from a data science development environment into an engineering production environment is a tricky task. But as more companies adopt tools that...
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Introduction to Bayesian Inference

Aaron Kramer | 12.12.16

Learn data science with Data Scientist Aaron Kramer's overview of Bayesian inference, which introduces readers to the concept and walks them through a common...
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Three Things to Avoid When Investing in a Data...

Jonathan Beckhardt | 12.08.16

Data science platforms are now an essential part of scaling data science across an organization. But investing in data science tools can be risky, especially if you...
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Introduction to K-means Clustering

Andrea Trevino | 12.06.16

Learn data science with data scientist Dr. Andrea Trevino's step-by-step tutorial on the K-means clustering unsupervised machine learning algorithm.
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Building a Chatbot for Business

Paulina Goodman | 11.22.16

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in business applications. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how natural language processing and predictive modeling help to...
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DataScience Supports the LA Apache Spark Meetup

Nikki Castle | 11.18.16

We support the LA Spark Meetup to share how data science tools like Spark can revolutionize the role of data science in making time-sensitive business decisions.
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