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Ramesh SubramanianJune 18, 2018

4 Questions To Ask Before You Embark on Your Digital Transformation

Digital Readiness Consultant Ramesh Subramanian provides a framework for defining the problems your digital transformation is intended to solve before you embark on a costly journey to improve...

Grace TangJune 14, 2018

Making the Transition to Data Science: 8 Differences Between Academia and Industry

Data Scientist Grace Tang goes over the key differences between working in academia and working in industry.

Dan Yarmoluk and Craig TruempiJune 11, 2018

Predictive Analytics in Industrial IoT

We explore predictive analytics in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and how it can increase productivity, efficiency, and cost savings for plants and manufacturers.

Landon StarrJune 7, 2018

How Data Science Can Improve Business Efficiency

Clearlink Head of Data Science Landon Starr shares how data science can increase business efficiency through two universal improvement methods.

Raul EulogioJune 4, 2018

How to Explore Apple Watch Data in R

IoT devices like the Apple Watch present an interesting opportunity for data analysis and visualization. Data Analyst Raul Eulogio looks at a year's worth of calories burned to identify trends in an...

Wilfried Lemahieu, Bart Baesens, and Seppe vanden BrouckeMay 31, 2018

To SQL Or Not To SQL, That Is The Question

Should you use a SQL or NoSQL database? Three professors from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium tackle the rise of the NoSQL movement and the pros and cons of relational and NoSQL databases...

Roman Josue de las Heras TorresMay 29, 2018

7 Ways Time-Series Forecasting Differs from Machine Learning

Roman Josue de las Heras Torres, a data scientist for SAP Digital Interconnect, shares seven key ways that time-series forecasting differs from machine learning.

Landon StarrMay 24, 2018

How Clearlink Built a Data Science Presence in Its Marketing Department

Clearlink Head of Data Science Landon Starr shares how data science forged a place alongside marketing and sales at the company.

Nathan JanosMay 21, 2018

How to Get Data Science Buy-In from Your Business Organization

System1 Chief Data Officer Nathan Janos describes how he and his team communicate their data science process to business stakeholders when tackling a new optimization opportunity.

Trenton HueyMay 17, 2018

4 Things to Remember When Defining KPIs

Life360 Head of Analytics Trenton Huey shares his tips on establishing and managing KPIs in the big data generation.