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Nikki Castle
Marketing coordinator at DataScience. Enthusiastic about food, culture, and enthusiasm.

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R vs. Python: What Language is Best for...

Nikki Castle | 07.20.17

Discover some of the most common reasons data scientists choose either R or Python for building data models.
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Supervised vs. Unsupervised Machine Learning

Nikki Castle | 07.13.17

Machine learning algorithms are split into two categories based on how they process data. Discover the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning.
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An Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithms

Nikki Castle | 06.29.17

There are dozens of machine learning algorithms that can be used to derive insights from big data. This post breaks down strengths and weaknesses of our top 5.
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Video Seminar: Modeling Customer Lifetime Value

Nikki Castle | 06.27.17

In this seminar, Data Scientist Harry Papadimitriou demonstrates how to use probabilistic models like the Pareto/NBD model to predict customer lifetime value.
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Model Building: From Data Cleaning to Deployment

Nikki Castle | 06.15.17

There are seven steps to building and maintaining an effective predictive data model. Start following them to ensure the predictive models powering decision-making...
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6 Common Machine Learning Applications for...

Nikki Castle | 06.13.17

This post introduces applications of six of the most common machine learning algorithms for business. Discover how these key machine learning and data science...
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What's Wrong with Your Data Science Workflow?

Nikki Castle | 05.30.17

Inefficiencies in your data science workflows could be costing you. Common challenges lie in collaborating or utilizing engineering resources effectively and in...
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Don't Miss Next Week's Webinar on Model...

Nikki Castle | 05.25.17 Data Scientists Pramit Choudhary and Aaron Kramer will present a webinar on model interpretation using the Python package Skater.
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3 Things You Need to Scale Data Science

Nikki Castle | 05.11.17

To scale the results of your data science efforts across your organization, you'll need right mix of people, a balanced data science toolkit, and properly managed...
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What is a Data Science Platform?

Nikki Castle | 05.09.17

The market for data science platforms is projected to climb to over $100 billion by 2021. Learn more about what a data science platform is and how it can help...
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