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Jorge SagastumeAugust 30, 2018

Cloud Security: Preventive Measures Every Online Business Must Utilize

EscrowTech International Vice President Jorge Sagastume shares the advanced preventive measures that businesses should take to protect their software and data against unauthorized access and data...

Mike SchumacherAugust 27, 2018

Striking Gold with Data Science: How to Ensure It's More Than a Flash in a Pan

Oracle Vice President of Data Science Mike Schumacher shares how to best invest in the golden age of data science.

Tim StaceyAugust 23, 2018

Doing Enterprise-Level Data Science with a Skeleton Crew

Adlumin Director of Data Science Tim Stacey gives his playbook on how to do data science at scale with a small team.

Stanley SuAugust 20, 2018

How USC's Person Data Integration Project Went Enterprise-Wide

USC Data Architect Stanley Su gives his tips on how to transform a small project like the Person Entity (PE) Project to an enterprise-backed service.

Landon StarrAugust 16, 2018

Build or Buy: Finding the Right Data Science Software for Your Organization

Clearlink Head of Data Science Landon Starr shares the key things to keep in mind when choosing a data science software that will help accomplish your organization's goals.

DataScience StaffAugust 15, 2018

Oracle Open Sources GraphPipe To Solve Machine Learning Model Deployment Challenges

Oracle announced today that it has open-sourced GraphPipe, a tool that simplifies machine learning model deployment. Using GraphPipe, teams can easily deploy and query models built in TensorFlow,...

Roman FerrandoAugust 13, 2018

The Chief Data Officer's Role in Enterprise AI Readiness

AI strategy advisor Roman Ferrando talks about the corporate change that must happen before an organization is ready to work with AI, and the pivotal role that the chief data officer plays in all...

David Ellison, PhDAugust 9, 2018

Fraud Detection Using Autoencoders in Keras with a TensorFlow Backend

Lenovo's David Ellison explains how autoencoders in Keras can be used to detect fraud. Read the tutorial the learn this invaluable TensorFlow application.

Grant IngersollAugust 6, 2018

7 Benefits of Using Search Engine Tools for Data Analysis

Lucidworks CTO Grant Ingersoll walks us through how search technology can transform data analysis—and also where it falls short.

Matt Michelson and Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhDAugust 2, 2018

Machine Learning to Assess the Scientific Soundness of Medical Papers

Researchers Matt Michelson and Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhD summarizes their published deep learning method that effectively filters good research papers from not-so-good ones.