We’ve fully redesigned the DataScience.com Platform to better accommodate data science, IT, and business teams working on the projects that drive measurable change at the enterprise level. Users will now be able to create workflows in a sleek interface while taking advantage of brand new features and support for more of their favorite tools.

More Intuitive Design. Same Guiding Principles.

The DataScience.com Platform’s new design is better equipped to meet the needs of data science teams while maintaining the principles that make our product great — like our emphasis on flexibility and collaboration.


What’s new:

  • Find projects, resources, environments, and admin settings easily in our revamped navigation
  • View projects and outputs across your organization as a list or in a grid
  • Display recent activity by user and log every action taken in the platform
  • View a project’s description and navigate to its git repository right from the project overview page

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Support for More of Your Favorite Tools.

The DataScience.com Platform already supports many of your favorite tools, including Jupyter and RStudio, version control solutions like GitHub and Bitbucket, and infrastructure and frameworks such as MapR and Spark.


What’s new:

Zeppelin Support

Users can launch Zeppelin from within the platform, view logs, sync work, and easily shut down sessions. Zeppelin has native support for Spark and SQL as well as built-in interactive data visualizations, pivot charts, and forms, which can all be used seamlessly within the platform and published as interactive reports.

Cloudera Support

Configuring connections to your Cloudera distributions of Hadoop and data lakes is now just a matter of filling out a simple web form. Users can access data in a Cloudera data lake with Hive, Spark, or Impala.

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New Features that Make Data Science Easier.

We’ve made it easier than ever to share work within your organization and securely connect to your data with some new and improved DataScience.com Platform features.

What’s new:

  • Run code from any notebook top to bottom, then publish the output as a report to share with stakeholders
  • Easily upload Kerberos keytabs to the platform to enable authentication of Cloudera clusters

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Start Collaborating on the Projects that Matter.

The DataScience.com Platform has always offered features that make data science collaborative, scalable, and impactful. Our latest update makes all of our existing features easier to find and use, while adding additional functionality that you’ll love.

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Brittany-Marie Swanson
Brittany-Marie Swanson

Web marketing manager at DataScience.com.