Data Scientists — It’s Time to Scale Your Voice

Your day-to-day job largely consists of implementing data-driven solutions that scale. It's time that your stories scaled, too. has officially launched its third-party content contribution program, and we are seeking articles from practitioners like you that focus on the data-driven topics you care about. Ready to scale your voice? Keep reading.

What We Are Looking For

Our ultimate goal is to empower every organization to do data science, and we are looking for contributors who are similarly passionate. Have a strong opinion about customer lifetime value models? Eager to share Apache Spark or TensorFlow resources with the larger data science community? Consider writing a thought leadership piece or a technical tutorial, depending on the goal of your piece and your target audience.

Thought Leadership Posts

From building a recommendation model to calculating customer churn, your work as a data practitioner requires deep familiarity with all of the nuances in your organization. What key insights have you learned that will resonate with other practitioners at the enterprise level? This is your opportunity to share your areas of expertise and enlighten the larger data science community with your unique perspective.

Concept Overviews and Technical Tutorials

We are dividing our technical content into two components: concept overviews and tutorials. Concept overviews provide an introduction to a data science topic (eg., An Introduction to Bayesian inference) whereas a technical tutorial provides step-by-step guidelines for completing a task (e.g., How to Create an Annotated Heatmap in Seaborn). If you feel compelled to discuss a specific niche through a highly detailed, pragmatic lens, writing a technical overview or tutorial may be the right option for you. 

What's Next

Ready to share your experiences and insights, further cementing yourself as a thought leader in the industry? We're excited to read your work! Before you get started, visit our guidelines page for more information about best practices. When you have your idea ready to go, submit your pitch on the third-party content contributor page.  

Jacqueline Berkman
Jacqueline Berkman