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DataScience StaffAugust 15, 2018

Oracle Open Sources GraphPipe To Solve Machine Learning Model Deployment Challenges

Oracle announced today that it has open-sourced GraphPipe, a tool that simplifies machine learning model deployment. Using GraphPipe, teams can easily deploy and query models built in TensorFlow,...

Brittany-Marie SwansonMarch 12, 2018

What is DataOps? Everything You Need to Know

What is DataOps and how does it make data science teams more productive? Learn about the history of DataOps and five steps to implementing this agile methodology for data management.

Nikki CastleMay 25, 2017

Don't Miss Next Week's Webinar on Model Interpretation

DataScience.com Data Scientists Pramit Choudhary and Aaron Kramer will present a webinar on model interpretation using the Python package Skater.

DataScience StaffApril 11, 2017

DataScience Trends: A New Tool For Exploring Open Source Development

Learn why we built DataScience Trends, a new interactive tool for exploring and visualizing data from 2.8 million open source repositories on GitHub. DataScience Trends lets users track the...