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Tatiana SorokinaSeptember 27, 2018

How the Pharma Industry is Using Predictive Analytics for Brand Marketing Teams

Novartis US Oncology Advanced Analytics Lead Tatiana Sorokina explains how big data and analytics are being applied to the pharmaceutical industry.

Natasha ErictaSeptember 20, 2018

A Data Science Framework for Forecasting Opening Box Office Revenue

National Research Group Vice President of Data Science Natasha Ericta presents a comprehensive data science framework that combines survey data with other sources of information to better forecast...

David Ellison, PhDAugust 9, 2018

Fraud Detection Using Autoencoders in Keras with a TensorFlow Backend

Lenovo's David Ellison explains how autoencoders in Keras can be used to detect fraud. Read the tutorial the learn this invaluable TensorFlow application.

Matt Michelson and Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhDAugust 2, 2018

Machine Learning to Assess the Scientific Soundness of Medical Papers

Researchers Matt Michelson and Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhD summarizes their published deep learning method that effectively filters good research papers from not-so-good ones.

Qingchen Wang, Ruben van de Geer, and Sandjai BhulaiJuly 26, 2018

Data-Driven Debt Collection Using Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Researchers from University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam describe how they've developed a data-driven machine learning method to optimize the collections process for a debt...

Jim Swanson and Naveen SinglaJuly 16, 2018

Inside Monsanto's Digital Transformation

Monsanto CIO Jim Swanson and Data Science Center of Excellence Lead Naveen Singla walk us through how the company has progressed from being an agricultural biotechnology firm to a data science-driven...

Gayle S. BielerJune 25, 2018

Data Science for Social Good: Counting Arrest-Related Deaths

RTI International Director of Data Science Gayle Bieler explains how her team was able to produce a proof of concept for the first federally sponsored program counting the number of arrest-related...

Dan Yarmoluk and Craig TruempiJune 11, 2018

Predictive Analytics in Industrial IoT

We explore predictive analytics in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and how it can increase productivity, efficiency, and cost savings for plants and manufacturers.

Landon StarrMay 24, 2018

How Clearlink Built a Data Science Presence in Its Marketing Department

Clearlink Head of Data Science Landon Starr shares how data science forged a place alongside marketing and sales at the company.

Jesse Steinweg-WoodsMay 14, 2018

What Skills Does a Data Scientist Actually Need? A Guide to the Most Popular Data Jobs

Tronc's Senior Data Scientist explains how the roles of data engineers, analysts, and data scientists vary, as well as when and why your company should start hiring to fill them.