DataScience, Inc. Unveils the DataScience Cloud, a Platform that Makes Data Scientists Central to Every Business Function


New Platform Empowers Data Scientists With Best-in-Class Tools, Infrastructure, and Expertise

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2016) - DataScience, Inc. today announced the DataScience Cloud, a platform that enables data scientists to explore varied data sources, build models and algorithms, and seamlessly deploy work throughout their entire organization, regardless of their tech stack and level of engineering support.

The DataScience Cloud is the culmination of the best practices DataScience has established over two years of working with clients to perform high-volume data engineering, data analysis, and predictive modeling work. 

"Leading companies see data science as an integral part of every business function, but many data science teams lack the unified tooling, infrastructure, and engineering support for their diverse workflows and needs," said Ian Swanson, CEO, DataScience, Inc. "The result is a broken and inefficient process which inhibits the ability of data science teams to experiment efficiently, collaborate with each other, and deliver value at scale. Working closely with our customers, we designed the DataScience Cloud as a platform for enterprise data science teams to work seamlessly from data integration to model deployment, backed by secure big data infrastructure and industry expertise. What Salesforce has done for maximizing the value of sales teams, DataScience is doing for maximizing the value of data science teams."

The launch of the DataScience Cloud coincides with the rise of insights-driven businesses, which are poised to take $1.2 trillion away from their peers by 2020. That's according to Forrester Research's July 2016 report, "The Insights-Driven Business," which defines insights-driven companies as those who apply data and analytics at every opportunity to optimize their products and customer experiences. And while hiring for data scientists continues to skyrocket, many companies are not realizing the value of those investments, and are beginning to fall behind more agile, insights-driven companies.

"The ability to turn insight to action is no longer a 'nice to have,'" Swanson said. "It must become a core competency that will make or break companies in the next five years. That's why we're excited to offer the DataScience Cloud as the platform for enterprise data science teams to deploy models and insights across their organization and to win in the marketplace."

The DataScience Cloud helps data science teams complete virtually every task in their workflow, from merging disparate data sources to deploying predictive models. Each tool in the platform addresses a key aspect of the data science process:

  • DataScience Connect: a gateway for securely connecting any type of data source, with support for over one hundred integrations, like SQL databases, distributed filesystems, streaming data endpoints, SaaS platforms (e.g. Salesforce), and a variety of data enrichment sources.
  • DataScience Explore: a data source browser, query editor, and visualization tool for quickly understanding and shaping data across every source.
  • DataScience Notebook: a powerful, cloud-hosted notebook to seamlessly create and share analyses, visualizations, and reports. With access to pre-built playbooks and tutorials, data teams can get their analyses up and running quickly.
  • DataScience Deploy: turns models and algorithms into scalable apps automatically. Code sent to the platform is deployed behind an API, making it accessible to any service with a web connection.

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About DataScience:
DataScience, Inc. is the provider of the DataScience Cloud, a data science platform that brings together best-in-class tools, infrastructure, and expertise in a modern, full-service offering. With the DataScience Cloud, data scientists can explore varied data sources, build models and algorithms, and seamlessly deploy work throughout their entire organization. The DataScience Cloud allows any data science team -- regardless of their tech stack or level of engineering support -- to deliver value at scale. To learn more, or to request a demo, visit

For the past two years, DataScience has been delivering expert insights to our clients through data science as a service. We’ve worked closely with companies to perform high-volume data engineering, analysis, and predictive modeling. We have helped them identify their highest-value customers and biggest revenue opportunities. And we have built our brand by working as an extension of their data science teams.

But our end goal was to develop a solution to a growing problem among businesses performing data science: a broken process. Data scientists are spending an inordinate amount of time performing engineering tasks, struggling to share code with other team members, or failing to make an impact on decision makers with their findings. What most companies need is not more data scientists — they need a way to make their data scientists more effective.

With that in mind, we have worked tirelessly to build a powerful, unified platform to fill the gaps in the typical data science workflow. That’s why I could not be more excited to announce the result of all that hard work: the DataScience Cloud.

The DataScience Cloud is our answer to the struggles of data science teams everywhere. Now, companies using our platform can work seamlessly to integrate data from over a hundred different sources, browse and query that data, build analyses in a robust notebook environment, and instantly deploy models behind APIs to make them accessible to any service with a web connection. The DataScience Cloud allows any team — regardless of size, tech stack, or level of engineering support — to truly perform data science at scale.

We’re excited to take this next step in helping our clients unlock the value in their data. And as with our previous offerings, every tool is supported by data scientists and engineers who have successfully managed infrastructure and analyzed petabyte-scale datasets for companies of all sizes, across a wide range of industries.

To learn more about these tools and how they can help your business become truly insights driven, visit our brand new product section or request a demo. We look forward to working with you in the DataScience Cloud.