Newsroom Partners with GitHub to Promote Version Control Best Practices for Enterprise Data Science Teams Looking to Scale

03.06.18 has partnered with GitHub, the world’s leading software development platform, to promote best practices that improve the sustainability and success of data science projects at scale.

Los Angeles, CA, March 6, 2018 — Enterprise data science platform provider has partnered with GitHub, the world’s leading software development platform, to promote best practices that make data science teams more productive, their work reproducible, and their organizations’ larger data science strategies more sustainable.’s platform for enterprise data science teams integrates with both and the company’s on-premises offering, GitHub Enterprise. Users can automatically sync changes back to their repository from Jupyter, RStudio, or Zeppelin sessions in the platform, meaning data science projects are always up to date. Every process in the Platform, from working in notebooks to deploying models as APIs, relies on the code users select from a git repository.

“Since the beginning, we’ve known that version control is an essential part of doing data science at scale. That’s why we’ve made GitHub integral to the way the Platform operates,” said Chief Strategy Officer William Merchan. “We’re excited to expand our relationship with GitHub to jointly promote best practices, like regularly committing code to a repository, that result in more successful and scalable data science.”

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About GitHub: GitHub is how people build software. Millions of individuals and organizations around the world use GitHub to discover, share, and contribute to software—from games and experiments to popular frameworks and leading applications.

Whether you work for a small startup, a university, or a Fortune 500 company, GitHub enables powerful, collaborative workflows. You can use in the cloud or GitHub Enterprise on your server, then integrate your favorite apps and services to customize how you build software.