Newsroom Partners With RStudio to Bring Collaborative Data Science to Enterprise Customers Working With R

05.23.17 and RStudio have partnered to seamlessly integrate the RStudio suite into the Platform to support data science teams using R.

Los Angeles, CA, June 6, 2017 — In keeping with its mission to empower data science teams with the tools they already love, enterprise data science platform provider has partnered with software company RStudio to bring the collaborative features of its platform to teams that work with the programming language R.  

Fifty-seven percent of data scientists today prefer R for data analysis, according to an extensive survey conducted by O’Reilly Media. RStudio makes that work easier with both enterprise and open source tools, including its flagship enterprise integrated development environment (IDE) RStudio Server Pro and the web application framework Shiny. With the RStudio integration, customers are able to write and run code in RStudio while benefitting from additional features of the platform: on-demand infrastructure, pre-configured environments, secret management, and more.

“The Platform is designed to support the tools your team already relies on, like RStudio’s popular and robust offerings for R users,” said CSO William Merchan. “We’re excited to announce our partnership with the RStudio team, which not only means the Platform integrates with RStudio’s products, but that we can jointly offer support to the data science teams that love them.”

“We are delighted to help equip R users who want to take advantage of the elastic infrastructure and customizable workflows of the platform with RStudio products such as RStudio Server Pro,” added RStudio president Tareef Kawaf.

To get its platform users started with RStudio’s suite of tools, and RStudio are co-hosting a free webinar on June 15, 2017. Participants will be guided through an inventory management problem in the Platform using data from Uber and RStudio Server Pro, the enterprise version of RStudio’s IDE.

“We look forward to growing our partnership with RStudio as we continue to add functionality to our platform that lets our customers leverage the data science tools of their choice,” Merchan added.

To register for the webinar, or to start using RStudio in the Platform, visit 

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