The DataScience.com Platform fosters collaboration with features that are designed to help data scientists, IT teams, and business users make their biggest impact.


  • Interactive Sessions
    • Launch sessions in Jupyter, RStudio, or other tools using isolated Docker containers with your choice of compute power and environment settings. Sync changes from a running session back to your repo to track project lineage.
  • APIs
    • Deploy Python or R models as APIs and use them to power real-time apps and dashboards.
  • Scheduled Runs
    • Track lineage and outputs by running Python, R, or Scala scripts in the platform. Set scripts to run on preset or custom Cron schedules so projects stay up to date.
  • Git Integrations
    • Improve versioning and transparency by creating projects backed by repos. The platform supports all enterprise and open source versions of GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.
  • Configurable Environments
    • Create customized standard environments or curate collections of packages users can select when they launch a session, run code, schedule a job, or create an API.
  • Business Intelligence 
    • Use analyses in the platform in conjunction with BI tools like Tableau, Mode, Power BI, Looker, and Shiny. 


Elastic Hardware

Select the RAM and CPU needed for any session, run, scheduled job, or API. Virtual public cloud users can take advantage of GPU-optimized options and turn on hardware when needed, effectively controlling costs.

Cluster Management

From the admin dashboard, manage and scale the pool of servers that make up the core application. Resize your environments as needs change to control costs, all with zero downtime.

Hadoop Connections

Orchestrate big data analysis in the platform by connecting to Hadoop clusters with Spark, Hive, and other data lake tools.

On-Premises or Cloud Deployment

Scale and standardize data science how you want. You have the option to install the platform in your data center or on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

System Logging

Stay on top of security-related events in the platform with logs from user created and core application containers.

Change Management

Check version status, read release notes, and choose to manually or automatically install updates. Upgrade your team to the latest stable release in seconds.

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  • Single-Tenant Architecture
    • All services that run the platform are deployed in your architecture. The platform can live in your on-premises data center or behind a virtual private network in your cloud.

  • Role-Based Access Control
    • Assign admin, standard, or read-only roles to users or teams. Roles can be designated across the platform or for individual projects.

  • Environmental Variables
    • Keep database credentials or other passwords in encrypted storage and grant access to end users as needed. Access credentials as environment variables in any analysis to prevent the storage and sharing of database passwords in plain text.

  • Audit Logs
    • Access audit logs for key events through an API or in the admin dashboard to see who is using the platform and how often.

  • Air-Gapped Installs
    • Turn off Internet access to and from the platform to ensure the security of sensitive data. Maintain full control over traffic to the core app and all worker nodes.

  • Single Sign-On
    • Eliminate the need to support multiple identity management systems by designating access using an LDAP or similar service.


  • Reports
    • Influence decision making across your organization. Easily convert content from Jupyter notebooks, Markdown, or data visualizations into shareable reports.

  • Projects
    • Group code and outputs intuitively into projects to make work more visible and collaborative. 

  • Activity Feed
    • Use the activity feed to browse historical runs and deployments, including logs, code versions, and more. 

  • Notifications
    • Get information on runs, outputs, errors, and system-wide events instantly via email, chat, and in-product notifications.

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