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3 Ways to Boost Your ROI in Data Science

If you're not seeing a respectable ROI from data science, it might be time to examine the larger processes at work.

It's clear knowledge now that data-driven businesses perform better than their peers, but profitable data science is not as definitive. In this article, originally published on Forbes, DataScience.com CEO Ian Swanson offers some managerial advice on how to better accurately predict success — and make ROI-boosting decisions — for your company.

Companies are gearing up to spend $3.7 trillion on machine learning, digital transformation and other data-driven projects.
31% of companies currently using data science- and artificial intelligence-powered solutions are not seeing the ROI.
Profitable data science requires excellent data governance and focus on larger business goals.
Businesses that use data effectively are poised to take $1.2 trillion away from their peers by 2020.