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Introducing Trends.

Generate and share interactive data visualizations with DataScience.com Trends, a query-free way to explore activity across 2.8 million open source repositories.

Google’s TensorFlow Changes the Hierarchy of Deep Learning Libraries

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Ggplot Gains Ground Against Data Visualization Giant Matplotlib

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MIT Remains License of Choice For Open Source Projects

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What is Trends?

DataScience.com Trends is an interactive tool that allows users of every technical level to explore and visualize trends in open source software. Just type the name of the repository you’re interested in, or choose from a dynamically generated list of 10,000 of the most popular repos to start creating shareable visualizations of activity data over a time period of your choosing.

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What data is Trends exploring?

DataScience.com Trends was built in our platform to explore data from 2.8 million open source GitHub repositories. DataScience.com Trends allows users to visually compare more than 20 events, from new commits to pull requests, across this three-terabyte dataset without writing code.

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What can you learn?

The possibilities are endless. Using DataScience.com Trends, we’ve learned that interest in the neural network library Keras has grown substantially with the release of Google’s TensorFlow. We know that data visualization library ggplot is gaining on matplotlib. Learn more about these insights and others by downloading our white paper, “DataScience Trends Report: Open Source Tools for Enterprise Data Science.”

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