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Reach your data science potential today. Platform customers stay ahead of the competition with exclusive resources designed to drive success. 


Datascience Success


Robust onboarding and implementation

We provide hands-on training in the Platform for end users, so your team can get the most out of our platform from day one.


Thriving community

Join a community of data scientists from our client base and other companies to share research, methodology, challenges, and more.


Advisory services

Work closely with our internal team of data scientists on your big projects. We help guide the design and execution of your data science efforts.


Data science expertise

Access exclusive seminars and Playbooks created to level up your team and provide building blocks for a wide array of data science fundamentals.

DataScience Playbooks




Learn how to predict the value of your current or potential customers well into the future with the DataScience Lifetime Value Playbook. This comprehensive repository of instructional content and code provides data scientists with the tools they need to define, build, and deploy a lifetime value model that can inform business strategies for attracting higher value customers. 

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With the DataScience Churn Playbook, learn how to predict which customers will defect from your product or service and identify the actions you can take to retain them. This comprehensive resource provides notebooks, code libraries, technical articles, and more designed to help your team build and deploy a churn model with outputs that can inform your retention strategies. 

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Dynamic Pricing

Forecast sell-through rate based on market dynamics and use it to inform pricing and discounting strategies.


Topic Modeling

Highlight trends in customer feedback from online interactions, call center logs, and other sources.


Behavioral Segmentation

Identify clusters of customer types and develop marketing and customer service tactics based on their key attributes.


Marketplace Optimization

Grow your business by focusing your acquisition efforts on the most valuable side of the market at the right time.


Recommendation Engine

Offer relevant content to your visitors based on their interests and what they’ve viewed previously.


Marketing Attribution

Understand the impact of your paid, earned, and owned media efforts and use that information to develop strategy.

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