Analytics Executives

Deliver value.

Exceed expectations and KPI targets with a data science platform that accelerates model deployment and fosters collaboration across departments.


Demonstrate measurable value with a data science platform.

Chief data officer, chief data scientist, chief analytics officer — whatever your title, the central focus of your job is proving the value of data science work. That’s hard to do when your team is working in silos and the process of getting models into production takes months.


The Platform accelerates the time-to-value of data science by allowing data scientists to launch environments from templates, deploy models as APIs, and share code and model outputs with their team or decision makers in the form of interactive reports. Track work by connecting the platform to your git repository and organize code and model outputs by project to improve transparency.


A data science platform designed to deliver value.

The Platform makes it easy to deliver business value with features that accelerate model deployment and improve collaboration.

Never lose track of work

Organize outputs and reports by project and invite your team. Track changes with version control solutions like GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab.

Innovate and deliver value

Deploy multiple versions of models as APIs for testing, and ingrate with applications and dashboards so leadership can see results in real time. 

Support business intelligence

With the click of a button, deliver interactive reports and visualizations built with the open source tools and packages of your choice.

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Smash data science silos.

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