Stay connected.

Oracle helps mobile providers deliver highly secure, robust, and flexible 5G services.

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Meeting the needs of mobile carriers


Oracle protects networks with the most deployed signaling firewall available.

Customer Focused

With Oracle, provide unified mobile, web, social, and service experiences.

IoT Enabled

Oracle lets businesses monetize digital services using IoT-enabled devices.

Accelerate communications innovation

Mobile carriers use Oracle Cloud to drive digital transformation.

Oracle Data Science Cloud Service

Support collaborative, end-to-end machine learning in the cloud. The Oracle Data Science Cloud Service gives data scientists and machine learning engineers the ability to easily organize and share their work, access data and compute resources, and build, train, deploy, and manage machine learning models on the Oracle Cloud. Deploy more data science projects in less time — and power your organization with machine learning.

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Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud Service

Migrate and extract value from data with Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud Service. Oracle brings together data integration, data quality, and data governance into a unified autonomous cloud-based platform that incorporates machine learning- and artificial intelligence-powered features. Leverage automated data migration and data warehouse building, as well as machine-assisted data profiling and governance.

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Oracle Analytics Cloud

Connect people, places, data, and systems to fundamentally change how you analyze, understand, and act on information. Oracle Analytics Cloud unites machine learning, artificial intelligence, and service automation in an autonomous platform that delivers personalized, proactive analytics and business intelligence. Empower your team with self-service data discovery, enterprise-class reporting, and easy what-if analysis.

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Oracle Big Data Platform

Focus on data and insights, not the plumbing. The Oracle Big Data Platform delivers Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark as an elastic, integrated platform for streaming batch and interactive analysis. Run big data workloads like machine learning and artificial intelligence applications and integrate directly with Oracle's data management and analytics offerings. Oracle uniquely offers its Big Data Cloud as a public cloud and as a Cloud At Customer.

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