Take risks that pay off.

Bring algorithmic decision-making to policy pricing, risk assessment, and fraud detection with a data science platform.

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Transform insurance with machine learning.

The way insurance providers set policy premiums is changing. Rather than relying on historical information to build simplistic customer risk profiles, insurers are getting closer to understanding what customers will do in the future with predictive models that combine complex algorithms and a wide variety of data types. The outcome is competitive policy pricing that is both profitable and consumer-friendly.


The Platform sets insurers up for success by simplifying the process of getting risk predictions off of a data scientist’s laptop and into the hands of sales. Risk prediction models can be built in a Jupyter, RStudio, or Zeppelin session in the platform, shared with teammates or decision makers in a report or project, and deployed as APIs for easy integration.

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A data science platform for insurance.

The Platform makes machine learning-powered insurance applications scalable with features that foster collaboration and reproducibility.

Never lose track of work

Organize models, reports, and files by project and invite collaborators. Track changes with version control solutions like GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab.

Power applications instantly

Deploy fraud detection or customer risk models as APIs for easy integration with customer service software or other systems.

Support business intelligence

With the click of a button, deliver interactive reports and visualizations built with the open source tools and packages of your choice.

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Stay competitive and avoid risky business with a data science platform.

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