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Eliminate inefficiency.

Save time and money with a data science platform that makes it easy to templatize environments and provision compute resources.

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Increase productivity with a data science platform.

Data science teams rely a wide variety of open source packages and tools to make sense of data and build models. Consequently, workflows can be messy and nearly impossible to scale, putting the IT professionals responsible for managing data science-related systems and resources in a tough spot.


The Platform alleviates that burden with administrative controls for IT users. Create environment templates powered by Docker that data scientists can use as needed, eliminating the need to build custom environments for every analysis. Easily manage clusters and connect to Hadoop, Hive, and Spark. Deploy on-prem or in the cloud.

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A data science platform designed with IT in mind.

The Platform makes managing systems and resources easy with features that foster scalability, security, and efficiency.

Build environment templates

Create environment templates equipped with the tools your data science team loves, eliminating the need to custom build.

Manage available resources

In an easy-to-use interface, manage the size of AWS EC2 instances or standing pool resources that are available to data science teams.

Connect to databases

Enable data science by connecting to AWS Redshift, MySQL, Google Big Query, and other data sources securely in the platform.

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Remove roadblocks to scaling data science.

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Data Science, IT, and Digital Transformation

Data Science, IT, and Digital Transformation