Build models outside of the box with Playbooks.

Stop relying on black box solutions. Playbooks give your data science team the tools it needs to build the models that drive your business strategy.

What is a Playbook?


A Playbook is a comprehensive repository of instructional content and code designed to help your data science team solve business problems with advanced data models. Developed by experienced data scientists, Playbooks support teams of every level with curated knowledge libraries, notebooks, and more so you can optimize your business with the right types of data models, built to accommodate your specific use cases.


Why did we create playbooks?


Many companies today are actively scaling their data science efforts. With that comes a new emphasis on creating the data models and algorithms that drive business strategy, ultimately eliminating the need for black box applications and third parties. Playbooks help you skip months of R&D to quickly validate decisions and implement methods that have been vetted by our internal team of experts.


Who can access playbooks?


The full suite of Playbooks is only available to our data science platform customers. However, select instructional content and notebook previews are available to everyone.

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What You get With Playbooks


Curated knowledge

Spend less time on R&D with access to technical articles about modeling that have been curated and reviewed based on industry-specific use cases by our internal team.


Code libraries and notebooks

See the latest algorithms in action. We've implemented models, built code libraries, and created notebooks that will help your team put techniques into practice quickly.


Technical fundamentals

Understand the fundamentals of modeling and how they apply to your business with exclusive content and tools that make it easy to identify and build the solution you need.


Success seminars

Benefit from hands-on Playbook sessions held in our data science platform. Our team walks you through realistic use cases and workflows to shorten the path to model implementation.