Understand your users with natural language processing.

The DataScience.com Voice of the Customer Playbook enables large-scale text interpretation to identify, understand, and act on customer feedback.

What is natural language processing?


Natural language processing is a technique for programming systems to analyze and comprehend large amounts of text or audio. Using this technique, companies are able to pinpoint key themes in hundreds or thousands of product reviews, build chatbots to handle customer service interactions online, and more.


Why is natural language processing important to my business?


Nearly every company is now collecting customer feedback from call centers, online reviews, social media, and emails. Understanding the major themes in this information can take hudreds of hours — unless you perform large-scale analysis using natural language processing. With this technique, it's possible to identify product issues, loyal customers, and other important information quickly so your company can create data-driven strategies.


How can the Voice of the Customer Playbook help?


The DataScience.com Voice of the Customer Playbook is a comprehensive repository of instructional content and code designed to help your data science team perform natural language processing on data from online reviews, call center logs, and other sources. Created by our internal team of experienced data scientists, the Voice of the Customer Playbook includes code libraries, notebooks, and more that have been curated to help teams of every level analyze feedback in a timely manner.